LIGHT—Leaders Igniting Generational Healing and Transformation—is a literary journal in public health created by the public for the public. LIGHT fosters involvement from youth, researchers, and the public itself. It relays public health information and research through creativity, such as art, letters, poetry, and stories, in a way that is more meaningful and understandable to the public.


The theme of our first issue is based on the submissions we receive in the crowdsourcing open call: How might we recreate public health as art, letters, stories, and poetry? We encourage everyone to submit content that represents how you interpret public health through one or more creative outlets. The submissions we receive will play a vital role in shaping the first issue and the journal itself.

We intend to launch Issue 1 early 2023.

In a world where the public is absent in conversations about the public’s health, a group of individuals began a mission to give voice to the most fundamental aspect of public health—the people. learn more
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Saint Louis University, College for Public Health and Social Justice
Texas A&M University, College of Liberal Arts & School of Public Health