Annual Virtual LIGHT Festival


Reimagine public health at the annual LIGHT Virtual Festival. The LIGHT Festival assembles everyone in the field and all members of the public—artists, poets, practitioners, storytellers, and the like—who have an interest in communicating public health information in a way that is meaningful and resonates with all. This event aids in bridging the divide between public health researchers and the public by creating opportunities to connect with one another through art, letters, stories, and poetry as lived experiences of healing and health.


Register for the 3rd Annual LIGHT Virtual Festival this upcoming June, which will foster and enrich conversations centered on healthy places and spaces. Registration for the 3rd Annual LIGHT Virtual Festival will open in the coming weeks.


Rise as a speaker or workshop leader at the 3rd Annual LIGHT Virtual Festival! LIGHT is currently seeking diverse, creative, and innovative voices to guide our attendees through engaging workshops at the third annual LIGHT Virtual Festival this upcoming June. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, or know someone who would be a good fit, please contact