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“Together We Heal and Blossom” by Britnie Walston

In February of 2023, we released our third open call: How might we reflect and reimagine wellness in public health as art, letters, stories and poetry? The following is an art submission we received from this open call.

“My submission addresses reimagining wellness in mental health, as it is a symbolic representation of overcoming the pandemic, obstacles, loss, isolation, war, political, financial, and social issues while trying to readapt and function again in our everyday lives. There are many other problematic topics and events that we’ve all had to overcome that I also haven’t mentioned. Some are still ongoing. While we sift through the chaos, many are still coping and experiencing grief, some have even developed mental health issues, anxiety such as myself, and much more according to recent studies. Mental health is a serious matter that should be more of a concern and priority in our society. In addition, educating the public, demonstrating openness and honesty, and tackling the underlying issues should also be the objectives. The duty of individuals in the field of public health work is to educate, inform, and ensure the proper conditions in which people can be healthy while making them accessible to everyone. The work I have included, titled “Together We Heal and Blossom”, illustrates overcoming obstacles, the public having access to information, establishing trust, and breaking through barriers. The light in the center represents hope and promise as the soaring birds depict freedom. At the same time, the flowers I have incorporated in the composition symbolize renewal and strength, blooming and growing as medical professionals’ hands water and nurture the people’s minds.”

Britnie Walston

Together We Heal and Blossom by Britnie Walston

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