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“Suicide is Painless…?” by Matt McCain

In October of 2022, we released our second Open Call: How might we view healing in mental health through art, letters, stories and poetry following the pandemic? The following is an art submission we received from this open call.

“This is a painting I did inspired by my Mom. She was violently abused by my father for years until she finally got away form him when I was ten years old. We were on our own with no money and no support and for a while she questioned taking her own life. Eventually she realized that nothing about her committing suicide is painless because I would’ve been left on my own. Her decision to carry on lit the fire that started the rest of my life. She never gave up even in the face of her worst hurtles. Most will dismiss this due to the offensive title, but only a select few ever notice the question mark.”

Matt McCain

Suicide is Painless…?

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