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“Healing” by Nifemi dada

In October of 2022, we released our second Open Call: How might we view healing in mental health through art, letters, stories and poetry following the pandemic? The following is an art submission we received from this open call.

“With the art piece submitted, different images exhibited in this work talks about health and healing in mental health, this piece is open up to two scenarios, the people in the building and the ones outside, which is both an intentional decision, the ones who whose to allow all that’s going on in the world impede their mental stability and functionality, without a doubt, it’s not entirely their fault, but their responsibility and this piece also gives a different perspective to the other people outside the building, on the roof top, receiving sunlight and also involving themselves in an act of meditation which is a major part of healing when it comes to mental health and also holding hands to show”

Nifemi dada


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