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The theme of our second issue is based on the submissions we received in our second and third crowdsourcing open calls: 1) How might we view healing in mental health through art, letters, stories, and poetry following the pandemic? and 2) How might we reflect and reimagine wellness in public health as art, letters, stories, and poetry? We encouraged the public to submit content that represents how they interpret public health through one or more creative outlets.

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How are you? How are we? We hope this message finds you well, all of us well. These questions about our collective agency regarding our illness and wellness are central not only to you as an individual but also to the health and healing of our communities. LIGHT Magazine Issue 2 focuses on all the ways we can use creativity to connect, to name what we often silence, those necessary and those full of audacity, all for the purpose of healing. If art, letters, stories, poetry, and anything else that personifies creativity are revelations, then nowhere is this more profound than with the state of our mental health, our mental wellness.

…The good news is that your healing, our healing, doesn’t have to be alone. That’s where LIGHT Issue 2 comes in, a place where everyone in the public can connect to share their creativity, their hurdles, and their hope with healing.

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