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Statement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & LIGHT

AI & Open Call Submissions:

When judging submissions to our open calls, we are looking for personal stories from members of the public to share with the larger community to foster unity and strength. Although Artificial intelligence (AI) represents an innovative and powerful tool, the LIGHT team strives to maintain a magazine rooted in community and personal narratives instead of AI-generated content. Therefore, we will immediately begin implementing submission requirements related to the use of AI. Entries into the LIGHT open call that utilize AI must:

1) not exceed 10% utilization as determined by AI detection software

2) credit and make explicit the use of AI in the submission

Authors of submissions that utilize AI and fail to meet both requirements will be notified by the LIGHT Team. You will have ten business days to respond to and contest the claim. The LIGHT Team and judges will carefully review each case. Failure to respond within the stipulated time frame of 10 business days will result in your submission being automatically revoked. For additional questions or concerns regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LIGHT, please do not hesitate to reach us at INFO@LIGHT4PH.ORG.

AI & The LIGHT Team: 

Our team greatly values honesty and transparency with our audience, so if we ever utilize AI ourselves, it will be clearly stated and accredited. If and when LIGHT uses AI, it will not be for anything that takes away opportunities from the public. For example, we will not share or publish AI-generated poems. However, we may use AI to generate journal prompts for members of the public to utilize as tools for healing and transformation. 

Best Regards,

The LIGHT Team

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